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From time to time, Pet Parade Animal Clinic staff members are asked to help find homes for dogs,cats,puppies and kittens. Since we are a community loving clinic, we are making a page to spread the word for client with pets to give away. We are hoping that by making this page we will reach pet loving people who will love and take care of the pet in the clients place. Ethically we cannot endorse any specific transfer of a particular pet. As a public service, subject to space limitation, we are happy to provide details of companion animal in search of a new home! Please be aware that Pet Parade Animal Clinic DOES NOT sell pets but have clients with pets to give away. Pet Parade Animal Clinic DOES in fact sell supplies for pets.

Caridad Lebbad has a kitten to give away and asked us to help her  spread the word! The kitten is a male, Angora breed with a beautiful gray coat with matching eyes. He is very friendly and would make a great addition to any house hold.  For more information please contact Ms./Mrs. Lebbab at (305)620-9996.

Yvonne Gable has puppies to sell and she asked us to help her spread the word! Mrs. Gables has 2 beautiful maltipoo for sell. Gina and Ginny are both female puppies with a black coat and white spots.They are both very friendly and adorable. They would make a great addition to any family. For more information please contact Mrs. Gables at (305) 624-8491. 

Gloria Hurtado has found a cat in her apartment complex to give away to a good home. Bubbles is a male, neutered, grayish cat that has been thrown away by its previous owner due to moving away. Bubbles is a very friendly cat that will love a person given time. Gloria reached out to us in hopes of finding Bubbles a better home. For more information on Bubbles please contact Gloria Hurtado at (786) 447-2979. 

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